What is Mobility Camp?
Mobility Camp (also known as "Camp Feel Good") is designed to help you feel better and move better and provide relief from all of life's challenges that tighten our muscles, low back, hip flexors, shoulders, and necks.

Is This a Stretching Class?
No- While there are some stretches to help increase flexibility, Mobility Camp also emphasizes mobility exercises and individualized  recovery strategies using Foam Rollers, Balls (Lacrosse, Tennis, & Golf Balls), Bands, PVC tubing, & more!

What's the Difference Between Flexibility & Mobility?

Flexibility refers to the length of a muscle and what most people think of when talking about improving a joints range of motion. It is best addressed through our Stretching & Yoga Patterns, however it is just a part of overall mobility.

Mobility refers to how freely a joint can move throughout its full range of motion. Muscle length (flexibility), muscle tension/ tissue quality and how the nervous system controls the joint all come into play.  Our Targeted Mobility Exercises & Individualized Recovery Methods (foam rolling/ targeted self-massage) address muscle tension/ tissue qualities needed for good joint mobility.

When/Where Does It Take Place?
Sessions take place every Tuesday & Thursday at Sharpstein Elementary Gymnasium in Walla Walla (410 Howard St. - Parking on Newell St. to access Gym).  The class begins at 5:45 am at wraps up by 6:30 am.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own Yoga Mats but mats are provided free if needed.

What Does It Cost/What is Included?
Membership costs $60 for 10 sessions. This digital "punch card" allows you to use the 10 sessions at any Mobility Camp session and is good for 3 months from purchase date. We also offer a Student/Military rate of $50 (verification required).  Membership includes: 2 workout opportunities per week with quality instruction, weekly movement tips and strategies, “Customer Appreciation" events, and more!

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up online to start right away or come check out Mobility Camp to “test-drive” your first session for free!  Simply show up 10 minutes before any scheduled workout for a brief orientation and we will help you get started down the road to "Camp Feel Good" 

What is Cardio Strength Bootcamp?
Cardio Strength Bootcamp provides simple, fast, & effective workouts for all ages, experience, and ability levels. The 20-25 minute workouts change daily & incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) concepts that blend strength training & bodyweight movements. Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction to help you develop lean muscle mass and torch fat! TRX Suspension Trainers, Kettlebells, Sandbells, Training Ropes, Elastic Bands, Bodyweight exercises & more are utilized to help you get fit FAST!

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
Many of our members get AMAZING results!  While results can vary, regular attendees show increased Lean Muscle Mass, decreased Body Fat, & increased strength & mobility!   Research on HIIT training shows it is one of the top methods known to promote lean muscle mass and burn fat!  Quickest results occur when regular attendance & great effort at bootcamp, are combined with sound nutrition strategies.

Is it right for me?
Our clients include a 70 year old+ woman with little fitness experience, a 50 year old former collegiate football player, a 10th grade student, a 29 year old woman training for triathalons, & everyone in between! Our workouts can be modified around YOUR fitness levels & experience. An instructor will walk you through the first couple of workouts to help you with orientation & to answer your questions. Modifications can be made for those with chronic injury/health issues. All are welcome & results are guaranteed.

When/Where does it take place?
Sessions take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The class begins at 5:45 am at wraps up by 6:20 am. Workouts take place at Sharpstein Elementary Gymnasium in Walla Walla (410 Howard St. - Parking on Newell St. to access Gym)   **Summer Location (June, July, August) is at Wa-Hi (Behind the gym by the Tennis Courts)**

What does it cost/What is included?
Membership costs $60 a month. You can pay at the beginning of each month in person or online. The best value can be obtained by signing up for “Autopay” or a multi-month bundle, which can reduce the cost to as low as $45 per month. We also offer a Student/Military rate of $50 (verification required). Membership includes: 3 workout opportunities per week with quality instruction, weekly nutritional tips and strategies, “On Your Own” workouts to do at home, quarterly Body Composition Testing, Customer appreciation events, and more!

What Kind of Instruction Can I Expect?
We don’t just write a workout on a board or lead class from the front of the room. We are constantly moving during the class coaching, modifying, and adjusting to meet your individual needs and help YOU get results FAST!

What Do Members Say about Bootcamp?
“Results from my lab work today: Cholesterol 189 (last year 233), Triglyceride 43 (67), LDL 119 (169), HDL 61.....the nurse says "So do you exercise?" I gave her a 15 second Bootcamp speech. Her comment back to me, "Well it shows, your results are awesome!!" Thanks Scott and Marc...YOU guys are fantastic!!
-----Diane M.

Cardio Strength Bootcamp is the absolute best! No more boring classes looking at the clock to see if we’re done yet!

-----Matt M.

CSB is fun, fast-paced and ever changing. Keeps my attention the whole time and I actually look forward to what the next class is going to bring. Finally, a workout class that is challenging and a blast all in one!”

——Sandy L.

How Do I Check It Out?

Come check out Bootcamp to observe or “test-drive” your first session for free!  Simply show up 10 minutes before any scheduled workout for brief paperwork and orientation and we will help you get started. After the workout, if you decide it is what you are looking for, we will help you decide the best value for the remaining month (based upon when you join). 

Mobility CAMP FAQ