Natalie has been a lifetime fitness devotee who began running and practicing yoga over 45 years ago. She has competed in numerous running events including marathons and a triathlon. Natalie has taught yoga and kickboxing plus coached softball and youth soccer.  

Over 45 years experience in designing & implementing Strength Training & Conditioning concepts.  National Board Certified in Physical Education. Black Belt in Karate.

Natalie Allen Tibbling

Allison is a former collegiate athlete and has competed in basketball, volleyball, & tennis. Allison has coached basketball & tennis at the high school level and holds a degree in physical education.

Keven Peck

Keven has been a coach for over 35 years in multiple sports and has trained and competed collegiately and internationally.  Keven has been implemented strength & conditioning in his coaching curriculum for decades and currently uses Bootcamp concepts with his athletes.. 

Sara Kingman

Marc Yonts MA, NBCT, CSCS

Marc has instructed Strength Training for over 30 years and is National Board Certified in Physical Education and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through National Strength & Conditioning Association.  

Scott Tibbling MA, NBCT

Allison Peck

Active in fitness since 1983 with focus on strength training, running, cycling, and down hill skiing
Trained and competed in numerous running events, biathlons, marathon, and STP cycling event.
Former Alpine Ski coach with Portland Special Olympics & youth soccer.